The Half marathon information

Sport fans like enjoying the results of our physical efforts, both in training and in competitions where we take part in. But beyond these challenges, we love excursions, eating and drinking as well as sightseeing. The Priorat Marathon has born with the intention to join all this wishes.

All surroundings will be unique. The Priorat is a region to be lived with no rushes, encouraging you to enjoy all local products such as the wine and the olive oil, and to enjoy gastronomic pleasures, landscapes, the history, the culture and its people.

Both the start and arrival timeline will take place in the Modernist building of the Falset-Marçà Cooperative. It will take place inside the Cooperative, where runners will warm up by doing a quick visit through it. They will be able to see wineskin and the inside of the building. Once leaving it, let’s run!

The tour will pass through roads, tracks and paths and it will cross spectacular vineyards and landscapes.

Firstly, we will go to Bellmunt del Priorat, a well-known town because of its lead mines, which nowadays are available for tourists to visit.

The next town will be Gratallops, where the Priorat Wine Producer is located at.

After, the tour will guide us back to Falset through an alternative tour by crossing forests, vineyards and wine cellars. We will enjoy unique landscapes.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Montsant DO and Priorat DOQ, provisioning points will offer local products and wine tasting. We also can enjoy the typical cultural and festive activities thanks to the city councils and associations of the mentioned towns.

As you can realize, the aim of this Marathon is to spend the best time possible, without taking into account the needed time to complete it. There will be enough time for everybody to complete the tour. So, the Marathon is devoted to all kind of participants, from elite sportsmen to amateur runners, excursionists or popular runners.

All those who participate in the competition will have the great feeling of having completed A MARATHON. This is why we encourage you to participate.

We wait for you.

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Collection of numbers and present: the runner’s bag, the number and the chip will be given on:

  • Friday 4 october:
    From 16h30 to 20h30 at INTERESPORT QUINZE REUS (Raval de Jesús, 16, 18, Reus)
  • Saturday 5 october:
    From 10h to 13h at INTERESPORT QUINZE REUS (Raval de Jesús, 16, 18, Reus)
    From 17h to 21h at the Cooperativa Falset Marçà
  • Sunday 6 october:
    From 7h30 to 9h15 at the Cooperativa Falset Marçà

Start line: the start (joint) timeline is at 9:30h and the maximum arrival timeline is at 14:30. The start line and the arrival will take place in the Modernist building of the Falset-Marçà Cooperative.

Tour: the tour lasts 21,097 metres. It will be perfectly signposted; during the tour, all kilometres will be marked. Through roads, paths, vineyards the tour will arrive to villages like Bellmunt del Priorat, Gratallops and go back to Falset.

Presents: there will be special presents for the top three classifieds both men and women in the individual ranking. There will be only one ranking.
There will also be a present for the first male and female local runner.
The “oddest” dressed up team in both races.


  • Information desk
  • Showers
  • WC
  • Car park
  • Cloakroom
  • Signposted kilometres
  • Race photos and video
  • Provisioning with wine tasting and local products
  • Timekeeping with chip
  • Physiotherapy service
  • Surprises

Activities for companion
: do not leave your family and friends. There will be a wide range of activities for young and old companions. They will also spend a great day in Priorat.

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